BRally - Europe or Africa to Angra dos Reis


Status - BRally 2013 - April 20, 2013:

This first run of the BRally had 16 boats and other 3 joining from Brazil:

Matajusi - Brazil
Mr. Curly - England/Australia
Phrynee  II- France
Milo One - France
Cat's Paw IV - Canada
Cat's Mousses - Canada
Mojombo - Tasmania
Silver Cloud - South Africa
Emily Grace - England
Twister - USA
Priscilla - USA
Octobasses - Spain
Deamon - New Zealand
Margareth Anne - South Africa
Muneera - Australia
Unwind - Netherlands

The group crossed the Atlantic divided and landed on different locations. Starting from the South, Octobasse landed in Florianópolis, Matajusi, Mr Curly, Phynee II, Milo One, Cats Paw IV, Unwind, Silver Cloud (landed in Salvador and sailed South to Angra), and Deamon, came to Angra dos Reis, Priscilla landed in Cabedello, Cat Mousses landed in Fernando de Noronha going to Recife next, Emily Grace, Twister  and Mojombo landed in Recife and Muneera and Margareth Anne have not landed yet.

Their comments on the visit to Brazil will be posted on the next postings.

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