BRally - Europe or Africa to Angra dos Reis


Status 2012/12/03:

When to go:
There is little consensus among the boats interested about when should the group leave from Cape Town. Some want to go for Carnaval, some want to meet the group somewhere more North than Ilhabela, some want to enjoy South Africa more, etc. The alternative is to define possibilities for different landings and let each boat decide when to join the group. I will be posting potential landings and good anchorage areas, as the marinas are full as per next paragraph. I expect to get going between the first two weeks of January/13. Boats that want to spend Carnaval there need to leave till the 4th of January.

There is only one marina in São Paulo that has made available berths and travel lift for cruisers that want to leave the boat in BR and travel elsewhere. All the marinas along the cost are completely full, as the boat manufacturing is bursting in BR for the last 5 years, delivering over 650.000 boats per year. We will need to look for best anchorages options along the cost.

The marina available in São Paulo is Pier 26 and their contact information follows bellow. I suggest you make contact with that marina to make reservations for berthing or travel lift/services. Don’t forget to mention that you are from BRally so they will give you the discounts negotiated with them.

We negotiated prices for Brally 2013-2914 boats as follows:

Prices for a 42foot boat:
Month in the water: R$ 2.194,50
Day in the water:  R$ 89,04
Day on the dry: R$ 95,00
Lift up:  R$ 420,00
Lift down:  R$ 420,00
Boats that stay for 6 months will have one lift (in/out) free.

We are still working hard to get the most comfortable entry/exit documentation as possible, and have managed to negotiate an easier process where we will do documentation at the marina where we will enter the country, and they will help with the documentation process.  That is a great positive for the boats going together, but, Brazil is a very large country and I am sure things can be more difficult in areas beyond our control. Nevertheless, we have people on land that will be helping on the documentation process, as needed and as possible.

I will be posting recommended anchorages along the way shortly.

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