BRally - Europe or Africa to Angra dos Reis


Guides and charts for Brazil:

The recommended guide to use while cruising in the Brazilian Coast is:

This guide waas written by Marçal Ceccon, a long time Brazilian cruiser on SV Rapunzel.

The Brazilian Navy offers raster charts (BSB) electronically at:
A very good option is to use the OpenCPN navegation software at:
to access the BSB charts, plus many other chart types. Also a good ideia is to download from this same site the Pilot Charts for the Atlantic and use in combination with the BSB or CM93 charts for the region as to have access to current and winds statistical information for the area. The pilot charts are per month of the calendar year.

When navigating close to shore, OpenCPN has a Google Earth interface where you can see the boat position on Google Earth in paralell to see on the chart chosen to be used. This function is great for entering small harbors and rivers, when you have access to the internet via a a cell phone. When downloading OpenCPN, download also the plugins and follow instructions to install them.

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