BRally - Europe or Africa to Angra dos Reis


Where and When to go:

The basic guideline for sailing the Brazilian coast is to go South during summer and North during winter, but one can sail practically anywhere at anytime. See posting on Winds and Currents.

Keeping in mind the South in the Summer, and making the best of Brazil during our stay there, BRally is suggesting an early January departure from Cape Town in South Africa, making a brief stopover in Santa Helena to break the crossing, and proceeding to a point still being defined, between Ilhabela in São Paulo and Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro, for our port of entry, where we will try to facilitate the entry procedure for the BRally participants. Our goal is to arrive at our entry port with enough time for us to spend some days of Carnaval on a safe and contained place, yet to be defined.

We will have March, April and May to enjoy the nice anchorages between Ilhabela in São Paulo and Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro, including Ubatuba, Parati and Ilha Grande,  before we start our way up North.

Keeping in mind that we will need to extend our visas after 90 days, and exit/re-entry Brazil before  180 days, a great option would be a visit to Iguaçu Falls for the re-entry procedure.  The idea is to leave the boat  at a good marina closer to airports and bus routes, and go to Iguaçu Falls in Mid June. That will allow for a re-entry and another period of 90+90 which would give us enough time for the trip North.

On the trip North, we suggest stopping over the following cities, where we will try to organize receptions at the local Yacht Clubs: Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Vitoria, Abrolhos, Ilheus, Camamu, Maceio, Recife, Fernando de Noronha, Natal, Fortaleza.  It is very possible that we will have some Brazilian cruisers joining us on our trip to the North as that is the time the Iate Clube Cabanga in Recife run the famous REFENO regatta between Recife and the island of Fernando de Noronha.

After Fortaleza, we will try to organize a trip through the Amazon river, but that is still a dream that will depend on our time to put that together.

After that, each boat will continue to their own destination.


  1. Due to complete lack of security and latest news on boat attacks in Salvador, we are taking Salvador out of the list of ports to be visited by the group.

  2. We are negotiating our entry to be done in Ilha Bela, São Paulo instead of Angra dos Reis, pending support from local clubs and authorities.


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